Between water, sky and land

Escape to the water’s edge

The most stunning views of Mont-Tremblant

The ultimate in luxury between water, sky and land

LAGO unveils 72 luxury condominiums in the heart of an avant-garde residential complex on the shores of lac Tremblant. A signature project by the renowned firm, Humà Design + Architecture, the building design and interiors were inspired by the site’s spectacular setting, creating the hallmark of an innovative habitat that is an extension of nature.

A unique signature project

From the forecourt entrance to the private units. From the walkway to the common areas. From the rock garden to the seasonal pavilion. From the beautiful outdoor pool and terrace to the meticulously furnished private dock. LAGO immerses us in an exclusive world, where the essence of wood and natural stone invites us step-by-step into a state of well-being and renewal. Connected and refined spaces…